Research And Development

Shanghai Harvest has been concentrating in research and development of injectables for a long time by avoiding her shortcomings and extending the benefits to create an R&D pathway with Harvest characteristics and elevate the competitiveness in market diversities. Since 2011, Harvest’s R&D was certified as the R&D institution of Pudong. The current R&D is mainly focus on R&D of generic product, new dosage form and secondary development of current product.

R&D of generic product: select product with high clinical demands and promising marketing demands, to boost the corporation’s growth and competitiveness.

R&D of new dosage forms: extending the advantages in manufacturing of small volume injections, develop new dosage forms that can be shared on the production lines to seize the opportunity in the competition of new dosage forms.

Secondary development of the current products: improve the manufacturing process, quality standard, so as to ensure the product quality and effectiveness.

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