Brand Histroy

“TianfengTM” was founded by the predecessor of Shanghai Harvest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianfeng Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory, in 1942. The trade mark is consisted of a snowy mountain and Chinese characters “Tianfeng”. “Tianfeng” is representing the company’s good wishes and commitments to the patients: the company will see the people as heavenly gods, through day to day hard working to harvest fruitful results, and establish an immortal milestone in pharmaceutical industry to devote her love to the society.

Before the Liberation, the price of the western medicine scared away the common people and limited Tianfeng’s service scope. After the Liberation, the common people became the hosts of the country, with the popularization of medical insurances and social welfare, medicines were no longer the privilege of the rich, and the pharmaceutical industry was highly developing with the drive of the era. By the end of 1950s, Tianfeng medicine family for emergency uses were gradually emerged and caused a nationwide sensation. “Tianfeng” gained the domestic fames and popularities by specializing in production of medicines for emergency uses, which was an important leap for Tianfeng brand.
During Culture Revolution, a highly concentrated planned economy system was implemented in pursuing for eveness and uniformity. All the pharmaceutical factories were named by numeric orders. In 1967, Tianfeng Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory was renamed as Shanghai No. 10 Pharmaceutical Factory. At that time, the trademark became the main approach to search for the medicines for custom uses, and was the unique label to be differentiated from other factories and forextending her individuality. Tianfeng was breeding her own strength and waiting for the opportunity for soaring up into the sky in this period seemingly as the bottom of the industry.
With the Reform and Opening-door policy, the mainland of China was glowing with vigorous signs of life. The company received letters from hospitals and patients in strong wills to restore Tianfeng’s old name. The reason was that confusions arouse when selecting the medicines manufacturers by numeric name of “Shanghai No. 10(in Chinese pronunciation, “Shi”)” and “Shanghai No. 4 (in Chinese pronunciation, “Si”)”. Under the demand of the public, as well as to enhance the company’s reputation and marketing requirements, Tianfeng’s name was restored. After the restoration of the name, the company promoted her health products and skin care products to enrich Tiangfeng’s portfolio. Gradually, Tianfeng was expanding her market to major cities all over China with her more famous and prestigious brand, and laid down a new leaf to Tianfeng’s history.
Through generations of Tianfeng people’s hard working, Tianfeng trademark is not only the guarantee of the quality but also a label of assurance. Tianfeng’s reputation had drawn great interests from investors of Hong Kong. The year of 1993 witnessed the founding of Shanghai Harvest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a joint venture by Shanghai Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, Hong Kong Hoting and Elan Pharma of Ireland. With the persistence of Tianfeng Factory and recognition of the trademark by the investors, the trademark was therefore inherited and the name of the old factory was kept in the new corporation.
Tianfeng trademark, in the history of nearly a century, has experienced double ordeals of the era and the market, which had laid down a profound marketing fundamental and renowned brand images. Shanghai Harvest sees the birth of Tianfeng, Tianfeng enhances Shanghai Harvest’s value. Nowadays, Tianfeng is representing “High quality”, “High efficiency” and “Classical”. Tianfeng’s products are the product for custom uses by the health professionals, and the good products for the patients. The new era of China’s classical and generic pharmaceutical products for emergency (first-aid) will be led by Tianfeng Spirit.


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